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When it’s Time to Buy a New Copier or Get it Serviced Buying a new copier for a business can be a big expense, but there is always the option of renting one instead. Some copier leases are structured so that you can buy the copier at the end of the lease. If your needs are small then purchasing a copier can makes sense, but if you need something bigger or more complex leasing might be a better financial option to get the ball rolling. The other great thing about leasing is that you can upgrade without having to buy a new machine and potentially try and sell the one that you already have. Take your time when you are looking for a new copier since you’ll most likely have it for a while and you don’t want to have any unnecessary regrets. Multifunction printers can be a great investment since they can handle more jobs than the average printer, which can cut done on costs as well as save space within the office. These machines are also the kinds that print onto different sizes and formats of paper, which is necessary for many companies. Some laser printers have the capacity to fax which might be a bonus as well. When you lease sometimes you also have the option of leasing refurbished equipment as well as the new stuff. If you purchased a copier you would be responsible for all of the maintenance, but often with a lease deal that gets negotiated as well.But you do have to consider the copier service agreement that you are agreeing to. When you sign a monthly service agreement you also agree to a certain number of clicks in a month, which is each time you print something on either side of the paper. What that means is that you will pay the rate for that amount of clicks whether you reach them or not. If you end up making more clicks, you could end up paying more.
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Of course more complicated printing jobs can turn out to be more than one click too. When you sign a service agreement with a copier company it will generally include toner, drums, maintenance, and repairs. Signing the right agreement can make the process of leasing a copier much easier since ideally they will handle all of the issues and leave you with the day to day use to deal with. Always considered few options before you dive into them however.How to Achieve Maximum Success with Suppliers